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About the Legend

The Legend was our first model and to this day provides just as popular as the day we launched it. With a unique twin cut design and unparalleled playability that guitar players have spent years looking for.

Blending the warmth of humbuckers with the snap and clarity of single-coils The Legend, sonically, is a guitar for even the most disconcerting musician providing a vast pallet of tones.

The Legend provides a platform to stand out from the crowd both aesthetically and tonally.

Vanquish Legend Video Demo

Check out Lance from Austin Guitar House demoing our Vanquish Legend model

From £2,350

To check out all the features that come as standard on the Legend just click the link below. To browse the custom options keep scrolling down the page.

Step 1 ~ Choose your finish

When it comes to the Legend there's a number of finish options, some people prefer to keep it simple with a natural oil and wax finish hand rubbed straight onto the Mahogany for the most tactile feeling finish, where as others might chose to go for a beautifully stained highly figured maple cap with a high gloss finish on the top and a satin lacquer on the back and sides.

We like to think when it comes to our custom built models that the only limit is your imagination.

Below is just a small sample of the number of the possibilities we can achieve.

Step 2 ~ Choose your pickups

On the Legend model we offer a range of custom wound pickups from award winning pickup manufacturer Matt Gleeson of Monty's guitars in London. We work closely with Matt to insure each and every set are sonically voiced to suit the individual instruments natural resonance and sustain. with a list of artists including Mark Knopfler, Biffy Clyro and The temperance movement among others choosing to use Monty's you can rest assured you're in good hands.

Fore more details on our Monty's Pickups please hover over the pictures below.

Along side our world class pickups we also offer push/push tone controls for coil taps at no extra cost and the Vanquish treble bleed/tone circuit (+£75) which enables players to precisely dial in their own personal treble bleed preference along with controlling the amount of "woman tone" available on the tone control.

If you feel you can't find what you're after with Monty's pickups we can also build your guitar with your own personal choice wether it be pickups from EMG, Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle or a number of other manufacturers.


Some of the best PAF replicas on the market and have received awards both sides of the atlantic, we have ours specially tweeked to combat the feedback issues commonly associated with era correct replicas.


The V84's are designed to encapsulate one of the most iconic tones out there - the 'Brown Sound', described as vintage hot the V84 has all the bite and balls you could want while retaining an incredible clarity. 


Mini Humbuckers

Sitting tonally somewhere between a humbucker and a singlecoil the Mini Humbuckers have a great attack and a real vintage sound to them. We love the bite that these pickups have.



Capturing the classic growl that people love from P90's our custom wound V90's have everything you'd want and more, if you're a fan of P90's you'll love these.

Step 3 ~ Choose your hardware

As standard we build our Legend model with a TonePros T3BT bridge and our own uniquely designed Vanquish tailpiece that allows for the ultimate in tone transfer through the body and helps increase sustain and resonance over a traditional stop tailpiece.

Step 4 ~ Choose your neck profile

We offer a selection of neck profiles on the Legend model at no additional cost and can also offer to shape the neck to your personal specification. 


Fat 50's 'D'

We're fans of big necks and our Fat 50's is just that, not for the faint hearted.

Medium 'D'

Slimmer than our Fat 'D' but still retains the shape - for those that want the shape but a little smaller.

Medium 50's 'Soft V'

A similar depth to our Medium 'D' but with the 'shoulders' of the neck hand finished to a tactile soft V shape.

Slim 60's 'C'

We're not talking super skinny here but this is the slimmest of our neck profiles with a lovely 'C' shaped Profile.

Other Custom Options

For any other custom options please contact us using the form below for information on availability and pricing.

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