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A full time professional musician who cut his teeth at the age of 16 onwards on the local Peterborough scene with bands such as; Who knows, Naked, Skate Mantiba, Acer, Citizen Smiff to name a few. A prolific songwriter, guitarist and singer, collaborations in recent years have included; The Mighty Persuaders, Conflict, Callahan, Destroy DC, recording and playing across the UK. Current bands and projects include ; Fallen Breaks, Children of the revolution, The Foos (tribute), The Chilis (tribute), The Anthemics, Our Glorious Demonic Heist and most recently, 5 piece contemporary blues outfit- Austin Gold. 

Having been a full time guitar tutor for over 17 years, studio session work, co producing and extensive live performance ensure David's reputation as one of the hardest working guitarists in the country. With the collaboration and support from Vanquish guitars, it's with great pleasure that the 'DS signature model' is due for release Autumn 2014. 

Currently promoting Fallen Breaks album 'Cause & Effect' and Austin Gold' s début e.p 'All the way down'. 

Dave's guitar

(needs re wording) When we started discussing Dave's guitar it was at the same time we'd started body shape designs for the Vanquish Classic and quite simply he fell in love with the shape. We spent a lot of time collaborating with Dave over control placement as well as him contributing to the scratchplates design. 

Dave opted to go for a crazed Nitrocellulose finish in black to give it more of a played in look and a fixed bridge / Stop Tailpiece combination.

As for pickups once showing him Monty's V84's he couldn't say no to that for the bridge but opted on a Humbucker sized P90 for the neck pickup. One of the reasons for going for humbucker sized was the option to easily swap it to a humbucker should he feel the need. 

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Austin Gold - All the way down

Drawing influence from American artists, Smith's lyrics depict; heartbreak, loyalty and solitary. Accompanied with a dynamic and powerful band, his guitar work affirm's each songs' sentiment.

Opener 'Another kind of bad' kicks with a pulsing, muscular groove, Paul Rogers esque vocal and solid riffs over the bridge section. Hammond blasts and Hendrix licks stamped all over.

'Don't let love subside' brings a dark shuffle to the table, continued through to the extended outro.

Title track 'All the way down' waltzes through a 'cry wolf' scenario, haunting clean guitar and muted keys climaxing in a guitar break of Pink Floyd territory.

Penultimate track 'First Train' declares a tenacity of resolve; 'I've got two tickets in the bag - let's go', with country rock leanings and driving rhythm.

Outstanding Bass work  in 'Soul to waste' of a Crossroads feel brings Austin Golds début to a finish. 

Great tone, big songs and accomplished playing.

Fallen breaks

When Fallen Breaks released their 4 track e.p in autumn of 2010 the response was hugely positive paving the way for a full length release. Writing, rehearsing and performing shows across the UK, the 3 piece gathered long term fans wanting new material. That came with the release of their debut album - 'Cause & Effect'.

The band, comprising of David Smith - Lead vocals, guitars, piano, keys and song writing duties, Robert Bull - Bass and vocals, John Wright - Drums, vocals and percussion, were set to return to work with Producer James Pepper. Having signed to Revenance, the label gave the trio chance to record the album they've always wanted to make; A grand and sweeping, highly textured and diverse, integrity filled 50 minutes of guitar driven rock.

Smith's writing exposes someone close to the point of breaking, with descriptive examples of paranoia such as the opening to 'Lovers in Progress' - 'Faces in the curtains that no one else can see - one little move or a tick is all you need to send you up and over- the edge of no return'.

Similar, dark visions litter the accomplished 14 track Long play - as we delve into the self deprecating corners. Moments of hope amongst a collection of self doubt, shine like beacons on a make shift runway, they are lined up but can often be hidden. On 'Analyse' the chorus almost questions 'All of a sudden you make it happen. You make it alright'.

Performing as a 3 piece, Smith states “ We originally had the idea of maybe having a second guitarist or keyboardist but the dynamic of a trio is so intuitive and creative, that the line up manifested itself from the nucleus. We play together. We know what's coming next. Working with James Pepper via Revenance was a very organic process, of which we'd never experienced. He allowed the songs to evolve and I could explore corners I hadn't even heard when I originally wrote them. We're all very proud of this album.”

With several single's to be released and accompanying videos, the band are set for promoting and touring.