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Kind words and a formidable pairing

Spent this afternoon working with Adrian the man behind Vanquish wiring his new model - The Classic, a flat top mahogany bodied single cut. The wood is over a hundred years old and has a stunning oiled finish. It’s fitted with 2 Monty’s PAFs with coil taps, and a Bigsby and oozes class. The pickguard, along with pickups and switch can be removed in a matter of minutes and replaced with another one with a different pickup combination, all without any soldering. Once we’d finished setting it up and tweaking the preset-able treble bleeds I couldn’t put it down. Alas it’s now gone back to Peterborough. Can’t wait to try it with a couple of P90s or a Telecaster setup. Ade, you can come again (he cut my lawn and did the washing up while I soldered)!
— Cliff Brown