'Elegant... Ornate... Classic.'

- Introducing the Vanquish 'Classic'

Bringing together vintage and modern the Classic fuses together the best of both worlds to create the finest in traditional tone and build quality with the ease of modern day playability.

The Classic as with all Vanquish guitars only uses the finest of tone woods hand selected for weight an resonance. It features a slightly slimmer body compared to a mystique and paired with our Vanquish custom wound Monty's pickups gives the guitar a very natural, open sounding tone.

With it's wide array of finishes, woods and pickup options the Classic can be tailored to suit almost any musical style.

What's your Classic?

The Classic is the starting point for your ultimate guitar, as you can see from the gallery the classic is customisable is so many different ways that it's difficult for us to even think about two the same! 

We offer a range of options on all our models but the Classic is the ultimate in customisation to make something truly your own, we might provide an options list but it's not exhaustive so if you've got an idea for your own classic then talk to us and tell us 'what's your Classic?'