Setting out to create something for the modern day musician, Adrian started designing the Classic with the intention of making a guitar as flexible for the studio as it would be for live use. 

The design boiled down to a guitar with an interchangeable scratch plate - One guitar to serve all purposes. The ability to have several scratch plates loaded with different pickup combinations and being able to change them without touching a soldering iron, just undo 10 screws and plug in the new plate.

Further than that Adrian posed himself with the question - What about a tremolo? After exploring the options he settled on using a Bigsby B5 on a Vibramate giving the option of having a tremolo yet still being able to swap it to a hard tail in a string change. 

General Specification

  • Premium quality hand selected Brazilian mahogany tone woods
  • Custom wound pickups made by Matt at Monty's guitars
  • Unique designed neck join for increased wood to wood contact 
  • Tone pros locking bridge with stop tail piece or Bigsby option
  • Gloss or satin lacquer option 
  • Hand rubbed oil and wax finish option
  • CTS volume and tone pots for superior touch sensitive response
  • Buzz Feiten tuning
  • Musitrac microchips installed as standard for peace of mind in case of theft
  • Hiscox case with Vanquish logo



Straight up single pickup heaven, features the 'Vanquish Solo Switch' - A unique passive boost/blower switch allowing you to set your own lead and rhythm setting.


The Classic Fusion has the option of being able to switch the pickup configuration just by undoing one scratchplate unplugging the connector and plugging in a new scratchplate. Features coil taps on both the neck and bridge setting regardless of the pickup configuration. 


Featuring highly figured exotic wood tops the Classic Deluxe is a 2 pickup version of the Classic encased in the beauty that only the highest grade woods can bring out. 

Sound Clips

The Below Clips were all recorded using Vanquish guitars.